Daimler Fleet Management

Daimler Fleet Management

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3 Temasek Avenue #29-0, Centennial Tower
Singapore, Singapore, 039190, Singapore

Phone:     6849 8118       |   Fax:     6849 8888
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Business Description

Daimler Fleet Management
Strong shareholders and automotive roots
Daimler Fleet Management Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore Ltd., a credit company jointly owned by Daimler AG and Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited.
Backed by resources, experience and knowledge from our shareholders and rooted in the tradition of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Fleet Management Singapore provides Full Service Leasing and Fleet Management solutions of the highest quality standards.
Local expertise for global customers
For more than a decade, Daimler Fleet Management Singapore Pte Ltd has proven to be a leading player in the automotive leasing and fleet management industry in Singapore.
Daimler Fleet Management Singapore serves customers ranging from private individuals and expatriates to small-medium enterprises and large multinational corporations. Our corporate clients are multinational corporations as well as local enterprises.
Their loyalty and use of our mobility solutions is demonstrative of their confidence in us as they continue to renew leases and expand their fleet.
Commitment to Quality
We deliver personalized leasing and fleet solutions that meet our customers' requirements and adhere to the highest quality standards.
Cheaper then owning a car
on August 3, 2013
Great service at great prices without the headache of maintenance,which is the part I hate the most

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Our Latest News!!

Full Service Leasing allows you to use a car or a fleet of vehicles for a fixed period of time at a set rate that covers most costs usually associated with the ownership of a car. The Full Services Leasing arrangement includes services that relieve you from the hassles of actual car ownership. It is commonly used by Corporate Customers and Expatriates.
What vehicles can be leased?
Full Service Leasing is available not just for brand-new vehicles but also for used vehicles. We provide leasing for Passenger Cars of all classes as well as for light Commercial Vehicles.
For how long can they be leased ?
Brand-new vehicles can be leased for 24 to 60 months depending on your needs.Used vehicles can be leased from 1 month or longer depending on the age of the vehicle.
What is covered in our leasing rate?
Comprehensive Insurance
Road Tax and Radio License fees
Full Maintenance Service
24 hour Customer Care Centre and roadside assistance service for Singapore
Tires and Battery replacement for fair wear and tear
Replacement vehicle provided during scheduled maintenance service and repair
On location vehicle pick-up and exchange service applicable for all servicing, repair needs and in the event of an accident.
Liability Reduction Cover (Loss/Damage Cover)
Malaysia Usage
Unlimited Mileage
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) cover
What additional services are provided?
Complimentary first cash-card
Complimentary Street directory
Complimentary short term vehicle upgrade
GPS on loan
Driver familiarization guide
Special rates to spouse for second car
Local driver license conversion
Traffic offence handling
Insurance claims
Lease extension services
What are the benefits of a full service leasing compared to car or fleet ownership?
Less paper work and administrative tasks
No non-revenue generating assets on the books
Fixed cost calculation and transparency, no surprises
Ability to plan and budget your fixed costs
No risk of depreciation
No negative equity liability at the time of sale
No vehicle disposal hassles
No time lost at workshop, no loss of use
Most importantly: Peace of mind

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